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Art is powerful because it gives us the feeling that we're doing something special.


Something different than the daily grind. 

Art therapy can be a moment in your week in which you have time: time to breathe, to take a step back and notice beauty, to express your worries, and create new options. In art there is always a way to make changes; a dab of paint here, sanding down edges, or ripping things up and starting over.


Through art, we can learn lessons that ripple out into our lives. Art therapy helps us use the creative process as a way of understanding what we're going through, as well as a way to dream up possible solutions.

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Webinar: Notion for Sustainable Order

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This is the system I wish someone had offered me when I started my small business, but it's also become the foundation for keeping my life organized.


As someone with ADHD, I’ve used organizing techniques like paper calendars, bullet journals, and trying to remember everything in my head; but nothing stuck. Then I started using ✨Notion✨.


Not only is Notion a powerful tool, but it’s also beautiful and satisfying to use. I’ve never been consistently organized for this long in my life. Keeping my life in order finally feels like a sustainable and approachable task.

Learn how to use Notion to enhance your sense of well-being when it comes to feeling settled and organized.


Oracle Lab is an 6-week online therapeutic art group. 

The intention of this group is to make oracle art as a practice of creative care. Art is a way to pause from the busy-ness of life and uncover, reflect, and create intention for the ways we want to show up. Oracle Lab is a space for you to make art and create personal mental health rituals.

By exploring the metaphor of an "inner oracle" through weekly writing and art invitations, we offer the opportunity to tune into your intuition and develop a dialogue with yourself. By giving your inner oracle a voice it allows connection with your subconscious and inner wisdom opening the opportunity to process life through art making and play


Stay tuned for our next group.

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Making Magic eBooks

Created for folks who want to make art but are stuck on the blank page, art therapists looking for new directives, and artists who want to find personal meaning in their art; Making Magic reminds us to just create and let the magic happen


These eBooks guide folks through creative and reflective art processes on their own time.


For more info, click below! 


what is art therapy?

and how does it work?

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