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  • What is art therapy?
    Art therapy is mostly what it sounds like: using art in a therapeutic way. Art therapy with me usually looks like a 1:1 or group setting where we make art and then talk about it (the process, the final piece, etc). Art is therapeutic in multiple ways! It's good for our minds to slow down, express ourselves, and make something just for us. It's good for our bodies to feel calmed by the sensory input of creating. And it's good for our spirit to connect to our inherent creativity!
  • Do I have to be an artist to do art therapy?
    I would challenge the idea that some of us ARE and some of us AREN'T artists. Everyone can make art in their own way! To do art therapy you don't need any previous experience or technical skills. The art you make in art therapy doesn't have to be "beautiful" or "good" and you don't even have to keep it when you're done. It's all up to you.
  • Will you interpret my art?
    Nope! Only the artist can say what their art means. And even then, the meaning can change! In art therapy we often "process" the art as a way of exploring it. This can look different for different people. Some questions I might ask are "what was the process of making this piece like for you?" or "what do you see in your art?" or "what are you noticing in your body right now?". Even then, how we talk about your art is up to you!
  • What if I see you in the community?
    To respect your confidentiality, I won't say hi first. If you'd like to say hello, you are welcome to do so! That being said, I'd rather not discuss any therapeutic issues in public as I want to protect your privacy and I might not be in the right mindset to hold space for you in that moment.
  • Can I add you on social media?
    You are welcome to follow me on my Instagram account @WhatTheMoonMade for updates and art therapy related content. I however, won't follow you back. This is to protect your privacy (so people can't identify my clients in my "following" section) as well as help maintain a boundary within our relationship. As your therapist there may be things you don't want to share with me. My not-following you means that you can post freely without considering "would I want my therapist to see this?".
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